The guiding philosophy for us is minimal impact on the environment. Brewing is a beautifully holistic process. Our materials are grown and harvested, used in the brewing process, and then returned to the land. We are careful with our energy use and try to minimize the CO2 we create to produce and deliver our products. It is our goal to soon operate carbon neutral business.


In a move to provide vegans with a wide choice of different beers and to deprive non-vegans of anything, we decided in 2000 to produce our beer without the use of isinglass finings. Finings are made from fish swim bladder. When dissolved in acid, and mixed with water, they are added to beer to help settle the yeast quicker, so that the beer clears quicker. Since 2000 none of our bottled beers have been fined, and we only fine cask beer when requested to by customers. We produce the most extensive range of vegan beers in the world-over 30 at the moment.


In 2000 Pitfield Brewery converted to 100% organic production. This was in response to our renewed awareness of environmental issues, and repeated requests from people for organic beer. The first organic beer we produced was Eco Warrior-4.5% Pale Ale. It was made with pale malt and Hallertau hops. These were the only two organic brewing materials available to us at the time. Little by little, and with a bit of ingenuity, we had use of more organic ingredients. Today, happily, we now have a wide range of malts and hops at our disposal.. We now produce over 20 different beers of many different styles.

Our History

Pitfield Brewery was founded in 1982 in the cellar of The Beer Shop, 8 Pitfield Street, London, N1. 1986 saw the move to a 10 barrel plant in Hoxton Square, and the first major award for the brewery. Dark Star won the ‘Best New Brewery Beer’ award at the Great British Beer Festival. This was only warm up for 1987 when the beer won Champion Beer of Britain. 1989 saw the brewery move up to the West Midlands, and 1994 saw it move back down to Pitfield Street again. In 2000 Pitfield became the first certified 100% organic brewery in the UK. Our beers have won many awards in competition against non-organic beers, and we continue to push the bounds of what organic brewing can achieve. Since 2008 Pitfield has been brewing near Moreton in Essex. Pioneering new ways to increase the appeal of handcrafted beer has been at the core of Pitfield’s philosophy for over 30 years.